Employee Monitoring & Productivity Management Software

Deter. Detect. Prevent.

Know exactly what your employees are doing in real-time.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower businesses around the globe. Our highly experienced team is working day and night to create powerful business automation tools that can reduce business leaders' workload and allow them to harness the full potential of their human resources.

Our Vision

We thrive to provide a comprehensive business suite to sustain and grow during hard times. In the last few years, the business sector has seen lots of ups and downs that have withered many organizations to the ground. Our team is busy developing a platform for small and big organizations leveraging mobile technology and location technologies to run their business despite all odds. We are hoping to create a futuristic cloud-based workplace for modern business teams.

Automated Attendance and Real-Time Monitoring.

Track when your employees are clocking in and out, when they take breaks, and how much time they actually spent working during their clocked time.
Check what your remote employees are currently doing at any point during the day.

App usage.

Run a productivity check on your employees with App usage feature. App usage helps you pinpoint details of applications used by employees during working hours.

Acquire Screenshots of Your Employees

MyRemoteDesk provides 100% transparency by capturing screenshots at fixed intervals of time.

Observe and Analyse

MyRemoteDesk lets you observe and analyse your employee’s performance, so that you can make the right decision.

Organize Your Projects and Tasks

Break down projects into smaller tasks, assign them to employees and set priorities, so your whole team knows what they should do next.

Modernize your meeting solution for your Project Team

MyRemoteDesk provides the tools to make every meeting a great one. Focus on your project meeting 's without any disturbance Share and play videos with full audio and video transmit without uploading the content

Interactive Dashboards for Organization & Employee

Interactive Dashboard for Organization & Employee to connect with various activities and check the statistics of the productivity of employees

Improve Employees’ Productivity

Monitor which apps and websites your remote workers are using during working hours, including frequency of use and time spent on each of them.
Categorize all apps and websites your team is using into productive or unproductive, and see advanced productivity charts and reports of their working time.

From Global to Granular, See the Key Performance Indicators that Matter

Committed to Your Success

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Increase employee efficiency

When you can analyze your individual team members' performance in real time, it will empower you to make wise decisions to boost their efficiency and guide them to become a better professional.

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Completion of tasks on time

MyRemoteDesk employee tracker makes it possible to assign and monitor a task’s progress through a centralized dashboard to ensure all projects complete on time without compromising quality.

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Eliminating of unnecessary wastage of time

By evaluating every minute of your team members, you can weed out all the unnecessary time gaps which are keeping your team behind the schedule.

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Increase profit

You can give a big push to your annual return by making your employees more productive and utilizing their time in the systematic manner.

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Boost your employee's time management

Instant alerts and real-time tracking will help you better manage your employees time and set their daily schedule to improve their productivity in no time.

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Privacy for Employees

Despite the real-time tracking, your employee's privacy will never be compromised with this tool. We have made sure that only authorized people can access your employees' private information.

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Maintain the discipline in your organization

Ensure that your team members always work under a strict disciplinary environment with graphical time tracking reports and performance boosting features.

Free Technical Support

Increase the productivity of your employees

Using real-time tracking dashboard , you can identify touch points behind your individual employees low performance and make effective strategies to boost his or her performance following compassionate and strategic approach

Unmatched Scalability

Transparency between Manager and Employee

Employee Time Tracking software will eliminate all barriers between managers and employees to create a transparent work environment and build a healthy relationship between team members.

User Satisfaction

Identify and Eliminate unproductive activities

Managers can pinpoint all the activities that are making their team members unproductive and make strategies to eliminate all those activities without punishing employees in the way.

Unparalleled Uptime

Better to plan projects

Ability to better understand and break a project into small actionable tasks is given by MyRemoteDesk project management software to remote teams.


Never Miss Any Notification

When organization assign task, create meeting, etc , every notification will be sended to employees.